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185034_395459897161750_1503834549_n“Imagination Is Better Than Technology”. The phrase first uttered Albert Einstein once described that creativity is better than all kinds of that creative product. We are also born with the ability to creatively deal with challenges. When we learn how to ride a bike, run, walk, and even ask for any money for snacks to parents in a way that … creative!

How to harness the creative skills that God has given us was also discussed along with how to sell our creativity. Creativity isn’t discussed about the teenager who scribbled graffity wall to write down the name of the gang or girl of her dreams, or creativity candidate for governor campaign utilizing fire victims in the region, creativity  covered here are selling, which has a sale value and can be shown to others and useful course.

How to Be a creative Junkies? Based on Knowledge. High knowledge will certainly boost your creativity and of course coupled with efforts to train it. Games, read books, make the show, watch a movie, hear music, is an example of enhancing knowledge. Creativity was changed everything . We were able to make burgers cheaper and tastier than McDonalds burger, but to beat McDonalds sales, we need creativity to exceed creativity of Ray Kroc. To beat Jokowi would not only need the support of many parties ( because of the support of the party ‘s many creative guns ). We need creativity to exceed creativity sells clothes boxes. The campaign creative guns religion also, because of this there is always the first campaign, and most fail. What will fail this time too? let’s wait for his failure.

The conquest of Constantinople was also done in a creative way. Dragged ashore warships use wood as far as 5 kilometers covered in oil and destined back is an example of creativity Al Fatih. The use of cannons in conquest is also the result of creativity. As a result, the anticipated conquestn is  arrived and worked perfectly. How? based on Knowledge.  How can that be creative !

How to become a market leader Aqua bottled water ? Aqua change the packaging of mineral water in plastic bottles as it is now and was followed by many bottled water manufacturers in the world. Aqua was the author uses clear plastic bottles and water resources research for at least one year to ensure its customers. The result ? sales of $ 1.7 trillion per year. Strikes ! !

There are many other examples of creativity that sells to mention. How the Japanese car manufacturer can rule the world, and even then in a creative way. Japanese car manufacturer to design a more aerodynamic car, agile and cheaper. While American and European manufacturers even underestimate their design and maintain a large and rigid and more expensive. The result : Emerged Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda became a respected manufacturer in the world .

How do you like them ? start with the minor. Every big step starts with an inch. The long journey of  hundreds of miles begins with a step. For example : how to marry soon . But they wrong to choose it, how ? buy the book with the proceeds of your own work without giving parents. Need a creative way is not it?

by, Eli Rahma


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