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10155745_611073532310235_1937780288_nWe realize that our human resources is still low, however of course we still have one attitude: optimistic for can lift human resources to be better. As well as with The development of science and technology has given rise to the acceleration of changes in all areas, that affect the joints of human life. Addressing the developmental changes in an increasingly globalizing world, UNESCO implemented the four (4) pillars of learning, and that is: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Live Together, learning to Be. learning to know contained meaning how to learn, learning to do contains the dimension of human life skills, learning to live togethercontains the multicultural dimensions of life, and learning to becontains the meaning of learning to know the identity, capabilities and weaknesses as well as the competencies possessed to build lives that are intact are Continuous. As a result of the implementation of the four pillars of learning, gave birth to the concept of revolution learning, to make changes to the model of learning from learning traditional ways towards a model of modern learning,

Referring to the implementation of the four pillars mentioned by UNESCO, should we as people outside school education could follow the example of the application of already mentioned by UNESCO with make a great revolution for the Betterment of non formal education. We know together if non formal education serves as a substitute, complement and supplement. As stated in the SISDIKNAS LAW No. 20/2003 Pasal 26 paragraph 1 of the non-formal education that goes on hold for citizens people who need education service that serves as a substitute, complement formal education and an breast enhancer in order to support education throughout life. In a partial pasal 26 paragraph 1 were supposed we could give birth to new functionality that can serve as a revolution in non formal education such as adding functionality to the developer. We know the current non formal education sounds very heartbreaking and marginalized if it is only used as a substitute, to supplement and complement formal education. Looks like double the number on in education in Indonesia, but we know with non formal education which there is, in fact, ahead of the formal education. So it would be nice if more of the non formal education function was added into developer.

Which of the three functions previously as a substitute, complement and supplement with enclose in development. Because in the current era of globalization many science and technology more sophisticated, then that non formal education could serve as a developer of new things for the community in order to be distributed to the community. And indirectly by the presence of additional functionality as developers indirectly the non formal education to teach people to innovative thinking and not a consumerist society, but to be productive and creative society. Where the community can develop the skills, knowledge, good personality, attitude etc in the surrounding environment. And than, there is a new function as developers, non formal education can be a pioneer of education in addition to formal education. And it would be better to mention this developer functions is not just theory, but can be applied by people non formal education. So no more soft moans, little censure can reap a wound in the hearts of Heroes outside of non formal education. For now and for the future, there is no longer a non formal education called the marginalized, There is only the non formal education as an Angel for the marginalized people. And be prepared to be the developer of the non formal education in the leading guard to hammer out issues of education in indonesia.

by, Yulianti Pratiwi


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