Revitalitation Non Formal Education From Subordination Formal Education

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One of the educational thinker John Deway define soisal Education is the process that helps the child to use his ability to achieve social goals. If we knock John Deway above definition of the reality that happened over the effects of education in the State of Indonesia. may be very far from the goal.

Since we are small and basic school learning experience we are always forced to memorize and in cengkokkin things that are not important, so we often complain and do not want to enter because of memorizing or learning to follow the lesson “coercive. Math example of log, sin, cos, or vector, and biology lessons that we have memorized the composition of plants.

From the example above, the lesson is devoted in Master classes in elementary school but we are already forced to memorize, while Expert or Master was not necessarily memorized the piece parts and composition eye. “That the habit of memorizing it does not increase intelligence, even making us stupid, mechanically, like a machine.” TanMalaka

Learning in Pre-Industrial Age, using the triangle method of cone learning up. The first is the Arts and Culture, Social and Natural Science. The children at the time of the Greek nobles during the children do not even follow the belt of formal education. They prefer to learn at home (Non-formal education), to learn to paint or put Skill learning music, as an adult, then they learn the social and natural sciences. Because this method is believed to improve the quality of thinking that caused the imbalance between right and left brain.

Very much different in our country, which uses an inverted triangle of social sciences, natural and even arts and culture are often forgotten and omitted in the curriculum.

As was said by IvanIlich Education is subordinated (manipulation) of power elite. which only prioritizes expansion and exploitation of human beings. Humans became the field of money in a schooling or lecture. and also the production of educational media with human myth.

Bourdie also revealed that formal education as a means of Oppression and create a social class class in school. Education transformed through the curriculum so that the capitalists invest easily by using the class class stratification and standardization as well as schools. With such stratification can be profitable capital through education.

In line with the proposition that Ivan Illich disclosed in esaynya titled “Deschooling Society”, in particular education is education that system in formal institutions (schools), has been widely debated mendegar we see or conventional or contemporary in nature, one of them is a phenomenon Diskrimination even violence that is physical.

Educational institutions like the factory mechanics who adopts such a machine, not as a routine that is consistent with the principle of the “conveyor belt”. As stated by Bourdieu and Passeoran that the school is an arena production class social class social inequality lead.

I returned to grapple with the question of an underlying statement of some educational thinkers over. Pendefenisian Education is the one that makes us think Falacy often and quickly took conclusion, such as education, teaching / training school and have the same meaning by the people, but every word has a different meaning and significance.

In a book written Oong Komar (Philosophy PNF), Education is the process of counseling the child to be independent / adult. Tujan of adult education is to make man free. Tan Malaka also said that the purpose of education was to sharpen the intellect, the will strengthen and soften the feeling.

The essence of education seeks to help people to reach maturity, which became his being emotional integrity, intellect, and deeds. All that in order to carry out the freedom to choose responsibly and ethically.

Paradoxical reality of what happened today only educational institutions into production fields with the hegemony of building construction and building luxury adversting makes young people and communities interested in getting a child seat so that they can join with corporations, I prefer to call the school as well as corporations. Is not desired democratic school climate and without discrimination?

In Indonesia it is set in the 2003 National Education System 20 Chapter III, paragraph 1, which states selengarakan education in a democratic and fair, and not discriminative to uphold for human rights, religious values, cultural values, and nationaldiversity.

Either this country can not move on from the shadow of the future education goals colonial Dutch native distanced from reality, their own nationality and discriminatory hidden. So that today there are many schools of formal institutions or privately owned trouble contained conducted by practitioners or students.

Predominantly Islamic population of Indonesia, should the number of mosques were established, it can help children learning proceeds toward adults. Where mosques facilitated played parks, gardens read, thus making the stimulus to the child, because children are past the age of carefree and full of fun, do not let us kill them with a creative stimulus curb or even violent. But the reality of what happened, when the children go to mosque with his mother and father for the introduction of the mosque, there are some people who are angry or even make posts do not bring children going to mosque, pilgrims disturbed. It will be a new stimulus for the children that the mosque is a spooky place.

For me mosque or other place of worship is a great way to refine and sharpen the feeling of intelligence for children or adults, education is also often called non-formal education (education of School) Informal.

Education requires all power outpouring Insani (mind, senses, skills, feelings, etc.). But for me the most important how the education can be thrilling Heart. Educational activities must be able to stimulate the child or students to be merry, solemn emotion, patirot, as well as the involvement of feelings / emotions.

A wide variety of modern and advanced educational institutions with all their persuasion when in essence only benefit their own educational institutions. Many such institutions are only preparing the clever, but not immoral and irresponsible to harm himself and lingungannya. He will be in conflict with the environment or even he would be evil or mentally ill person.


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